BUGGAR OFF BORIS - An Open Letter to the Fool Running our Country

Yes, how's that for an eye catching headline!!

I've never written anything political on here and I'm not even sure why I am right now to be honest.

- Maybe this "Fatima" poster was the straw that broke the camels back.

- Maybe it's not like me to shut up and stay quiet. (Trust me when I say this. Everyone who knows me says I'm very opinionated and I'm not afraid to say something that needs to be said. Michelle Obama gave us girls permission to be loud and bossy, so it would be rude not too.)

To be honest, it's probably because I'm hungover from the night before and I'm having that wave of "I don't care and I'm indestructible" that's come over me. Full disclosure, I'm currently renovating my house and the mess and stress has caused me to become somewhat of a temporary binge drinker. 

Whatever the reason for my "outburst", it's here and I'm exploding like a god damn firework.

The pure shock and disbelief and anger that we all felt when that bloody poster came out about "retraining" was real and totally justified.


Just retrain eh? Just do a 180 on your entire life and step away from what you know, what you're good at, what you're known for, what you've been getting paid for, what makes you YOU. Boris, you may as well have asked us to step off the curb in front of oncoming traffic, and even that would have been less painful.

As a creative person, you always need to be doing something. Learning something new, perfecting something you can already do. You thrive in your craft and creativity. It's a part of you. You live it, breathe it; you ARE your creativity. 

The arts and creative industries have been TOTALLY LEFT BEHIND in all this Panny-D malarkey. And do you know, as a group we're actually responsible for a huge chunk of the UK's economic growth. In 2018 we passed the £100bn mark. No small change eh? There's certainly nothing small about small businesses and creative jobs, and it's definitely not easily replaced with a new bloody career change.

As a small business owner, with no premises to justify a sweet 10K payout and two small grants since this all began, THEY'RE now telling us to go into some sort of cyber related, pandemic-proof line of work? Honestly, the mind beggars belief sometimes, but this just really takes the biscuit. I'm actually fuming, blood boiling.

So what can we do about it? Seriously, I'm curious. I've seen the retaliations, adjusting the poster and re-posting to social media, calling out bullsh*t. But I'm keen to make the government listen to us, and give us real support, financial support. And to just even respect any form of creative line of work. We deserve some god damn respect.

Why are we not considered essential, needed? Our work is everywhere. Its in the clothes on your back Boris. It's plastered on the walls and architecture on No. 10. You're sitting on it. Its in the campaigns you put together, including that stupid bloody poster. Our vision, our entertainment, our gifts and talents, our souls. They're out there in plain sight and suddenly over night that image of Fatima made us feel pointless and redundant.

So come on gang what are we gonna do? Who's with me? 

Let's start a rebellion. Let's change the world. Just like we're already doing.





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