Wedding season has truly begun! Hooray! 

I've enjoyed meeting lots of new brides so far this year. Whether it's with a cuppa and a plate of biscuits, or a bottle of prosecco ( after 12pm of course! ) I can honestly say bridal consultations are one of the most enjoyable parts of my job, if not the most!

Last year I met Catherine for her first meeting. I say 'meeting' but it was more like a super friendly catch up surrounded by lots of faux flowers, which just happened to be there. She brought her mum and sister along to help with the decision making. Mums are always so helpful and most importantly practical at consultations! And Catherine's sister works in events, so all four of us made a pretty good team from the start. 



Catherine wanted a simple mixture of pastel colours for her flowers in white, lavender and blush pink. The great thing about the faux flowers that I offer, is that the bride gets to see them first hand and choose her favourites there and then.

Catherine loved our silk hydrangeas and Japanese peonies, so they became the main florals for her wedding. We kept foliage to a minimum, and when we did use it for her arrangements, we opted for grey toned greenery, eucalyptus and millers leaf to complement her pastel theme. We also incorporated some wonderful faux gypsophila, which made the perfect choice for button holes and the bridesmaids bouquets.



We decided to use lots of different jam jars, milk bottles and twine for the centrepieces, for a pretty and rustic look. And finally, we chose a dark red rose button hole for the father of the bride because of his roots in Lancashire and not forgetting little Sammy, Catherine's nephew, who we thought should have his own mini buttonhole for the day. (Yes, he's very cute and yes, there's a picture of him below). And then, suddenly, we had our theme!

After our first consultation, we arranged to have a second one! This was a great idea, as I was able to create the centrepieces and bridal bouquet that Catherine had asked for and confirm that everything was as she wanted it to be. It was also a great idea, because we got to have more tea and biscuits and have a giggle too! 



The bride and her groom, Chris, tied the knot at West Tower in Aughton on Easter Sunday. A beautiful venue, with impressive grounds and lots of characterful features. 

Catherine looked breathtaking in her elegant bridal gown, with delicate lace detail. And Chris like most modern grooms, certainly brought some serious style to the day too, with his navy suit and blush pink tie. She and Chris make a truly wonderful couple. I only got to meet Chris the day after the wedding, but seeing him and Catherine together, well, it was pretty obvious how in love they are. And I couldn't be happier for them.

It was an honour to be a part of your special day! Thank you for having me.

Here's some more pictures from the day.

Dani x

Photography : David Gordon Photography

Venue : West Tower, Aughton

















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