Drum roll please...
It's GREENERY! Which is great news for us florists, of course! 
(Plus I'm half Irish - random fact)
Now I know green might not be your favourite colour. Heck, it's probably not even in your top three. But here's a few reasons why you should take a leap of faith and 'go green' for 2017.
To quote Pantone, who've made the rather stressful and executive decision of colour of the YEAR, "(Green is) a refreshing and revitalizing shade, Greenery is symbolic of new beginnings." Which is perfect, seen as we're stepping into glorious Spring. To be honest, we're all sounding like a cracked record at the moment with the whole, "When is winter over? I'm tired of no sunshine and grey days!" And I hear you, we've all had enough.
Even my Nanna who, god bless her, loves the occasional weather moan, has tired of talking about the rubbish weather and gloom. In fact, to cheer herself up she's just redone her bedroom in... can you guess what colour? Yes. Green! It appears my 85 year old Nanna dearest is actually more on trend than I currently am! Dear Lord! 
So how can you, like Nanna McCormack, bring some of this years most fashionable colour into your home? 
There's always the slightly daring 'feature wall' that you could attempt. Or, a statement green chair can work wonders to add a splash of colour to your home. But these options can be expensive, not to mention time consuming. Yes, even buying a chair can take time, believe me. It took me two years two decide which corner sofa I wanted. Really.
My advice is why not start with some flowers? Real or faux, a simple bunch of greenery can do wonders to lift your home. Up and out from last seasons cold and miserable slumber and into the sunny, warmer climate of Spring. And maybe even lift your soul and happiness with it. I suppose that's the main reason why I got into flowers in the first place. Having them around just makes me, well...happy! 
Plus when it comes to greenery and foliage you're literary spoilt for choice. Eucalyptus is beautiful! And still going strong from the past couple of years. As is lambs ear, and ferns and ivy are making a come back. Whats more, when it comes to floral design this year, the more whimsical and slightly crazy the better and foliage is a great way to achieve this! Team some stems with a white vase to really make a statement arrangement.
Happy Spring everyone and happy flower arranging! 

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