GUEST BLOG PART FOUR | Sarah from Full Circle Funerals

Hello my lovelies!
This weeks guest blog comes from the fabulous Sarah Jones from Full Circle Funerals.
Now I know what most of you are thinking... Funerals!? Why is she blogging about it? But that's the whole point isn't it. We don't talk about it enough.
And it's so strange that we do this. We've all lost someone. It's the one thing we all have in common. So why not have a conversation about it.
Sarah is proud of the work she does. When I first visited Full Circle, I was so impressed with their offices and meeting rooms. They're bright and inviting (it's certainly not a dull and sad place). In fact the decor is so gorgeous and on trend that I immediately wanted to go home and redecorate my whole house! 
But that's not all that impressed me. I was glad to meet Sarah and the team with smiling faces. Their attitude towards death and funerals was refreshing and opened my eyes to 'Funerals your way' as they say at Full Circle. 
I hope you enjoy Sarah's blog! Let's break this taboo together!
Dani x

Sarah Jones, Full Circle - Independent Funeral Directors 


Sarah Lives in Burley-in-Wharfedale with her husband and two young children. In her free time she can generally be found in her kitchen or dragging her family on a bike ride or up on the Moors. She opened Full Circle Funerals in September 2016 because she felt that people would benefit from a more personalised, modern approach to planning a funeral – whether it be a traditional church funeral or not!

"I became a funeral director to be able to support people to create funerals that are meaningful. To reflect the person who has died and to provide a helpful and healing experience for their friends and family.

People don’t like talking about death and funerals, and as a result they know little of the choices available to them. Many people have shared with me that they previously felt that a funeral is simply something they must "get through". A funeral can be much more than that and be an opportunity to create a beautiful and unique event, that can support more positive outcomes for people months and years down the line."



"Many funeral directors just concentrate on the funeral service itself, but for us, arranging a funeral is a time when people can create beautiful things together. For example, by choosing or arranging flowers, picking photographs for a display, writing notes or drawing pictures to put in the coffin. Even spending time decorating the coffin itself. From the feedback we receive, these times remind people that there is hope during an otherwise challenging time."



"A good funeral director should understand what is important to people and then expand their ideas by letting them know what is possible. People need to be given time and not feel that they need to make decisions quickly or to a timescale dictated by the funeral director or crematorium.

At full circle, we encourage people to be involved if they want to and spend money on the aspects of a funeral that they value- not feel that they need to spend a certain amount to demonstrate their love."


Visit the website to find out more

Deluxe Blooms are teaming up with Full Circle, offering faux arrangements for funerals that can then be reused for graveside flowers for months to come. 

Here's a few of our faux designs...




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