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Here's the third guest blog of the series!

This weeks guest blog is written by Dan Metcalfe, joint owner and partner with his brother in law Eddie, of Signs That Look The Biz. 

Dan is actually a good friend of the family and he also knows a lot of my friends from school. He basically knows everyone! But that's the kind of guys he is. Super friendly! Down to earth and also super smart. We worked together last year, styling a local charity ball, and he and Eddie literally 'lit up' the ball room with their giant 4 foot LOVE letters.

So when he started his light up letter business, just over two years ago, it's been a pleasure to see his company go from strength to strength.

Here's the story of how Signs That Look The Biz began...



Signs That Look The Biz - an accidental business

“How did you get into that business?” It’s a question we get asked a lot! The answer is that the opportunity found us, we didn’t find the opportunity.

A few years ago, a family member was planning their wedding and wanted some bespoke signs and their names up in lights. After receiving some quotes, they decided that although this was a nice idea, they just couldn’t afford them.

Dan and Eddie next to the Mr & Mrs light up signs they designed 

My business partner, Eddie, has over 13 years experience in the print industry. He suggested some materials we could use that would dramatically decrease the price but would give the same effect. In the end, we made some light up letters for the family wedding, and little did we realise that these would become the prototypes and the foundations of our company!

The letters went down a storm! And we started to receive a number of requests to make more. With Eddies knowledge and my background in digital marketing we formed the perfect team!



Our very first sale came via eBay! We listed some letters as a test to see if they would sell. The photo we advertised with showed the letters hanging from the washing line in my garden! Not very professional, but things have come a long way since then.



After they were snapped up we knew we were onto a winner! We set up a website and Facebook page and it went from there.

We researched the wedding market and found that “DIY” weddings were becoming more and more popular. So decided that our focus would be to provide affordable products, that could be easily customised and at a price point that meant they were accessible to as many people as possible.


As word spread and our Facebook page likes continued to rise, we were both shocked at the rate in which orders began to come in.

Eddie and I both have full time jobs, which was tough to juggle at times. We've had a lot of late nights and most weekends are spent at the factory or packing orders.

We reserve one weekend every month to new product development. This consists of us trying out new materials, different production techniques, researching new suppliers, basically anything we can do to ensure that we are always providing the best value we can.


Light up personalised letters and guest book for the ultimate DIY couple



Since we launched in 2015 we have dispatched over 15 thousand light up letters! And it’s not just weddings. We have done birthday parties, awards ceremonies, schools, charity events and even some letters for a television show.




We now employ a couple of part time staff to ensure things continue to run smoothly as the business continues to grow.

The most amazing feeling is to take a step back and look at a business that you’ve built. The late nights and weekends in the factory all fade away because it’s yours. I still get a buzz every time a customer sends a photo of their letters in use or we receive a 5 star review on Facebook.



We are constantly coming up with new ideas. Our latest product is our Light Up Selfie Board! It sold out within a few hours of going on sale, so this weekend we are back in the factory manufacturing the next batch.

Is it worth it... absolutely yes!!

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