LOVE ISN'T CANCELLED - Why having an artificial wedding bouquet and buttonhole could be all you need to tie the knot

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Hey Guys,

If you'd have said to me this time last year that you're getting married and all you want is an artificial bouquet and matching buttonhole, I'd have presumed you were eloping.

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I've had over a dozen Deluxe Blooms brides elope with their loved ones, and boy was it exciting! I mean, what a secret to be trusted with. Together, my brides and I have designed a bespoke mini wedding floral package, often including a gorgeous floral crown, and they packed it in the suitcase and off they went! 

But now, in this bizarre new world we find ourselves in, I've had an influx of orders for a small order of 1 bouquet and 1 buttonhole, for a wedding that may or may not be going ahead in the next 2 weeks.

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So why go ahead? Why tie the knot now, just the 2 of you? Well, why not I say! We've got to keep some happiness going in our lives right now, and the big, big day can still go ahead later on. Because this craziness cannot last forever! And you get 2 weddings out of it. Yes, we have to dig deep and stay positive here people, because life is still going on. Love is still real. And celebrations should still be had.

Here's some of my favourite faux bouquets below. Plus, the extra added bonus of them being artificial is that you can always have it and reuse for the official big wedding. And if anything, god forbid, IS cancelled, then your bouquet and buttonhole will simply be waiting for and still look fabulous, whether you get married next week or next year.

Dani x

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