Oh, my lovelies... I feel your pain and frustration. 2020 can bloody do one!

Covid-19 has caused devestation throughout the globe and all within such a short space of time. We've seen many lives taken, jobs lost and been unable to see our loved ones. It's been a rough ride and if you were due to get married this year or early next year, you've had even more stress and worry to deal with.

And let's face it, this whole wedding planning malarkey is time consuming, expensive (like duh!!) and you've probably spent the best part of a year, if not over a year, organising the whole thing top to bottom.

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So what to do now?


Many of you have probably made a small start. Others may still be upset and confused and not even know where to start. You'll have a hundred questions!

If your wedding is booked for this September, could it still go ahead?

Or should you not risk it and postpone the big day?

Can you still get the same wedding suppliers?

What about your venue?

Are you going to lose money!?

I want to help as many of you as I can, so I've put together some simple and positive steps for you to take that corona weight off your shoulders. So lets start ticking off this to-do list together. I got you!

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Its OK to be feeling angry and p*ssed off

Its a lot to take in, and everything is so uncertain as we have literally NEVER experienced anything like this before. EVER! Talk to others about how you're feeling. Have a good cry. Have several meltdowns!

Speak to your partner and take others up on their offer to help. As the saying goes, a problem shared is a problem halved. And talking about how upset you are will make you feel SO much better, trust me.


#2   Wedding Insurance!

Right here we go... If you've already got it, give your insurance company a call straight away. Find out what you're covered for and how they can help financially. And if you don't have insurance, get a quote for some. We're still in unchartered territory so why take the risk? Get insured if you can!


#3   Get in touch with ALL your suppliers as soon as you can

After looking at alternative dates with your venue, get in touch with all the suppliers ASAP to see if they can book in your new date.

Believe me, wedding suppliers still want your business and we're more than happy to simply roll over your booking deposit and final payments to be made towards your new date (obviously if they have availability!)

Try and look at booking your new wedding date on a Thursday, Friday or Monday. This could be a good solution for a) saving money with the venue and b) make it easier to keep your original wedding suppliers, as their books for Summer 2021 weekends could already be fairly busy. 

People are more than happy to take a day off work to attend a mid-week wedding. It's a wedding after all! Plus they can make the most of an extra long weekend. 


#4   Getting the new date right

There's also the problem of re-booking your wedding too soon and no one wants to postpone their wedding twice. If it were up to me I'd look at postponing until 20201. There's talk of a second wave of covid-19 cases in September when all schools are due to reopen. I personally wouldn't want to risk a large wedding this year. Of course this could all change. Unfortunately, it's all a bit of a guessing game.

#5   It's time to send out your new save the dates

The quickest and simplest way is to email or text as many guests as you can and then phone elder relatives to update them. After that, it's then up to you whether you want to resend a formal wedding save the date/ invitation. Lots of suppliers are offering free templates online right now for couples who's wedding has been affected by covid-19. Take them up on the freebie!

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#6   Making the wedding safe

People will still be on edge when it comes to safety in crowds for some time, so make allowances for this in your wedding day. Try to offer your guests as much space as possible, in several rooms and have tables outside if possible. Speak to your venue about how they will cater for this.

Also, offering hand sanitiser is a nice way to show guests you care and ensures everyone can keep their hands clean without having to keep popping to the rest room.

Think about having a separate area for children with things to do such as colouring and giving them a disposable camera to use. They're going to be the hardest to stop from running around, so think about giving them a safe space to have to quiet time and play together. It will make elderly guest feel more comfortable too.

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#7   Celebrate your - would be - wedding day when it arrives

So the big 'should have been' wedding date has arrived and now it's just an average Saturday night in.
Well why not make it a special occasion anyway? Order your favourite take out (after all no one cooks on their wedding day!) Get a mini celebration cake from your local cake makers and support a local business too. Even surprise each other with a little gift. The wedding is cancelled, but your love for each other sure isn't!


#8   Put your physical and mental health first

After you've completed your to do list, make sure you take some time out from wedding planning. Put the planner down and forget the Pinterest board for a minute.

Do some fun things with your partner, whether its learning a new recipe together, taking up pilates, planning a crazy long walk off the beaten track with a romantic picnic.

Planning one wedding is difficult, organising two in such a short space of time is very overwhelming. Pat yourself on the back and enjoy your well deserved break.


#9   The wedding WILL happen

It will still be amazing and it will be worth the wait.


Stay safe and happy (re)planning!

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