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   H I   T H E R E !

I'm Dani, the designer and creator behind  
D E L U X E   B L O O M S 
I'm the creative type who always needs a new project, whether its painting furniture, hanging mirrors, sewing, baking... you name it and I've probably tried it. ​I've actually just finished a hand made teepee for the kids play room and, well, its pretty fabulous!

Just like you, I absolutely love flowers and nothing can quite beat the real thing. But one thing I'm not crazy about is the cost! And, beautiful as they are, they never seem to last a long time. This inspired me to create both a simple hire service, using our high quality faux flowers as well as an online shop for you to purchase your own stems and arrangements to keep. Plus, we also have our brand new personal design service, where we will work with you to create a bespoke floral arrangement of your very own.
Whether you want to hire or buy from us - we're happy to help!

S O   W H Y   G O   F A U X ?

We only use the most realistic and luxurious silk flowers and we love them. Here's why we think you will too..

T H E Y ' R E   S O   P R E T T Y !

All our faux flower arrangements are beautiful, chic and stylish. Each bloom is detailed and textured so they look and feel just like the real thing

A L W A Y S   I N   S E A S O N 

Real flowers are best in season, but that means they can be hard to come by. Our silk flowers are fabulous all year round and always look their best

H A S S L E   F R E E

Our arrangements require no maintenance and won't wilt after a few days. There's no waste, no watering, no problem!