Y O U R   W E D D I N G   D A Y

Congratulations, you're getting married!

And, I'm sure you're both busy making plans and visiting venues. It really is the most wonderful time. But, as you've probably found out by now, it can all get very expensive. So, why not hire our beautiful faux flowers for your wedding!

D E L U X E   B L O O M S  is based in Ilkley, West Yorkshire, where you are literally spoilt for choice when it comes to fantastic wedding venues!

We can provide a huge variety of floral arrangements for your special day. From table arrangements, church displays, garlands, bouquets, buttonholes and floral crowns. We promise to always be less expensive than using real flowers and will even gift you your bridal bouquet to have as a keep sake from the day.

Enquire today about hiring our faux flowers for your wedding day, as a less expensive option and a fabulous alternative to fresh!
W E D D I N G   P R I C E   G U I D E
Bridal Bouquet from £32
Bidesmaids Bouquet from £15
Floral Crowns (to buy) from £16
Buttonholes from £5
Garlands from £42 per meter
Church Displays from £50
Low Table Arrangements from £25
High Table Arrangements from £35
Floral LOVE Sign £200
Faux Garland Hire from £35 per meter
Styling POA
S P E C I A L   O C C A S I O N S
Special occasions and event hire - All UK
We also supply our faux flowers for events and special occasions for you to enjoy too!

For Event Hire and Styling, POA.